DREAM AGE - Destined for more. 

For the dreamers, believers, trailblazers, and achievers - this movement’s for you. 

DREAM AGE was established through the hard work, dedication and progressive thinking of two Miami-based entrepreneurs. Growing up together in the poorer areas of the city, they always dreamed of more than the life they had as children. They set their sights on a dream, on a challenge and were stopping at nothing to make it come true, to leave their legacy and change their destiny. 

This passion and determination brought directly from the founders shine through to all aspects of DREAM AGE, right down to the last detail of every piece. Created for the dreamers, believers, trailblazers, and achievers, for those not afraid to break the rules and stop at nothing to soar to new heights. 

DREAM AGE apparel is a statement. It’s a vision. It’s a community of go-getters who are proud to be part of the dreamer’s movement. It’s the mentality that passion, perseverance and self-motivated work pays off, and that you should never give up on your dream, no matter what cards you have been dealt. 

Our comfortable range of apparel is perfect for the most active of lifestyles. To keep you looking fresh and on-trend, no matter the day, no matter the challenge. With DREAM AGE you design your own outcome, you take charge of your destiny. Nothing is impossible when your vision is clear and you’re feeling fit and ready to take on the day. 

From hitting the pavement to the beat of your music or reaching your goals in the gym, we are the go-to line for those who were created to strive for more. The visionaries who see the world differently, the change-makers shaking things up no matter where they go. 

Lead the charge, leave your legacy, write your destiny, DREAM AGE. Destined for more.